Jabber/XMPP Servers:

For the most recent listing of valid Servers, be sure to check here:

While this page acts as a mirror for this information, the site is the most valid location of information.

Name Platform(s) License Details
Citidel Linux GPL3
CommuniGate Pro Linux, MacOSX, Windows
djabberd Linux GPL3
ejabberd Linux, MacOSX, Solaris, Windows GPL2
IceWarp Linux, Windows Commercial
iChat Server MacOSX Commercial
in.jabberd Linux GPL2
Isode M-Link Linux, Solaris, Windows Commercial
jabberd 1.x Linux
jabberd 2.x Linux, Solaris, Windows
Jabber XCP Linux, Solaris, Windows Commercial
Jerry Messenger Linux, Windows Commercial
Kwickserver Windows GPL
Openfire Windows, Linux, MacOSX GPL
Open IM Linux BSD
Prosody Windows, Linux, MacOSX MIT/X11
psyced Windows, Linux, MacOSX
SoapBox Server Windows Commercial
Sun Java System IM Linux, Solaris, Windows
Tigase Linux, Solaris, Windows, Mac OSX GPL3
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