Jabber/XMPP Libraries:

For the most recent listing of valid Libraries, be sure to check here:

While this page acts as a mirror for this information, the site is the most valid location of information.

Name Language(s) License Details
agsXMPP SDK C# / .NET / Mono Website
AnyEvent::XMPP Perl Website
as3xmpp Flash / ActionScript Website
Babylon Ruby Website
Blather Ruby Website
cl-xmpp Lisp Website
dojox.xmpp JavaScript Website
Echomine Feridian Java Website
Eiffel PHP Website
emite Java Website
exmpp Erlang Website
gloox C++ Website
headstock Python Website
hsxmpp Haskell Website
hxmpp haXe Website
iksemel C Website
IP*Works Internet Toolkit ActiveX, C++, C#,
.NET, Mono, Delphi, Java
Iris C++ Website
jabber-net C# / .NET / Mono Website Python Website
JabberLib Tcl Website
Jabber Stream Objects (JSO) Java Website
JAXL PHP Website JavaScript Website
JSJaC JavaScript Website
libstrophe C Website
Lightr PHP Website
Loudmouth C Website
Loudmouth Ruby Website
Matrix C# / .NET / Mono Website
Net::XMPP Perl Website
oajabber C++ Website
pyxmpp Python Website
QXmpp C++ Website
seesmic-as3-xmpp Flash / ActionScript Website
SleekXMPP Python Website
Smack Java Website
SoapBox Studio C# / .NET / Mono Website
strophe.js JavaScript Website
Tinder Java Website
txmpp C++ Website
Twisted Words Python Website
Ubeity C# / .NET / Mono Website
Verse Lua Website
XIFF Flash / ActionScript Website
xmpp-psn Python Website
xmpp4gwt JavaScript Website
xmpp4js JavaScript Website
XMPP4R Ruby Website
xmpp4r-simple Ruby Website
xmppframework Objective C Website
xmpphp PHP Website
xmppy Python Website
StropheCappuccino Objective-J Website
Z-XMPP JavaScript Website
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