Jabber/XMMP Clients:

For the most recent listing of valid Clients, be sure to check here:

While this page acts as a mirror for this information, the site is the most valid location of information.

Name Platform(s) License Details
Adium MacOS
Agile Messenger Mobile
AQQ Windows
Ayttm Linux
beejive Mobile
BitlBee Linux
Bombus Mobile
BuddyMob Mobile
Chatopus Mobile
Citron Windows
Claros Chat Browser
climm Console/Text-Mode
Coccinella Linux, MacOS, Windows
eM Client Windows
emite Browser
Empathy Linux
Exodus Windows
Finch Console/Text-Mode more
Gajim Linux, Windows
Galaxium Linux
glu Windows xeus-messenger.blogspot
GNU Freetalk Console/Text-Mode
Gossip Linux Gossip
iChat MacOS
iJab Browser
IM+ Mobile
imov Messenger Mobile
irssi-xmpp Console/Text-Mode
Jabbear Windows, Browser
Jabber Mix Client Mobile
jabber.el Linux
Jabbim Linux, MacOS, Windows
Jabbim for Android Mobile
Jabiru Mobile
JAJC Windows
Jappix Browser
JBuddy Messenger Linux, MacOS, Windows /
Jeti Linux, MacOS, Windows
JWChat Browser
Kopete Linux
Lampiro Mobile
m-im Mobile
mcabber Console/Text-Mode
mChat Mobile
Miranda IM Windows
Monal doe iPhone/Pad Mobile
OctroTalk Mobile
OneTeam for iPhone Mobile /
Oyo Linux, MacOS, Windows /
Pandion Windows
Poezio Console/Text-Mode
Pidgin Linux, MacOS, Windows
Psi Linux, MacOS, Windows
Quiet Internet Pager (QIP) Windows website
qutIM Linux, MacOS, Windows
saje Linux, MacOS, Windows
SamePlace Browser
Sim-IM Linux
SIP Communicator Linux, MacOS, Windows
Slimster Browser
SoapBox Communicator Windows
Spark Linux, MacOS, Windows /
SparkWeb Browser
Synapse Linux
Talkonaut Mobile
Tigase Messenger Browser
Tigase Minichat Browser
Tkabber Linux, MacOS, Windows
Tlen Linux, MacOS, Windows
Trillian Pro Windows
TrophyIM Browser
V&V Messenger Windows
Vacuum Linux, MacOS, Windows
Vayusphere Mobile
WTW Windows
xmppchat Browser
Yambi Windows
Yaxim Mobile
Crosstalk Mobile iOS PortableK
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